My 5-Day Program

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Yes, you can succeed

If you're like most people, you've tried to change your behavior, and it has not worked. At least not very well.

That's likely not your fault.

TV shows, self-help books, and ambitious bloggers can sell you on programs that are not effective. In the end, they take your money and leave you feeling like a failure. That kind of thing is unethical.

What I'm sharing is entirely different.​

My 5-day program is free. Even more important, my method really works.

​When you learn and apply my Tiny Habits method, I promise you will see evidence in your own life: Yes, you can change!

​In less than 5 days you can be successfully headed down the right path.

Invest 40 minutes in my method during the coming week. In this short time you'll learn remarkable things about human nature and about yourself.

Overview of my 5-day program

Start by learning the basics of Tiny Habits

Before you start practicing your new habits, you need to learn a few things, and you will select what habits to practice. The pages on this website will guide you.

You can learn the basics of Tiny Habits and get started in about 25 minutes total. You can do this on Saturday or Sunday.  Whatever works for you.

You need to be done with this "setting up" phase by Sunday evening to join a session that starts on Monday.

Then practice for 5 days

Starting on Monday, you will practice new habits for 5 days in a row. You'll discover what works for you, and what doesn't. It's a learning process.

Each afternoon, Monday through Friday, you will receive an email from your Tiny Habits Coach, checking in with you. Each email will also share more about the Tiny Habits method.

Day by day you will have more insight into Tiny Habits method and your own life.

All this takes about 3 minutes each day.


Focus on learning, not perfection

Like with other skills, as you learn how to create habits you won't be perfect. Please remember that. No one expects to speak perfect French after one class; no one plays a piano concerto after a week of lessons. It's a learning process, and I will guide you.

Have fun next week.

I created a video of me being goofy to help you remember next week is about practicing, exploring, and having fun. That's how you will learn the most.

Practice & revise

Next week you will probably need to revise your Tiny Habits, or change your approach. That's normal. This shows you are learning.

Many people need to make the new habits simpler. Others need to find a better anchor to trigger the new behavior. This is all part of the process.

With the right practice, you will get good at picking the simple behavior and a good anchor the first time. That’s where I am these days. On the first try, I usually succeed in creating a new Tiny Habit. I've practiced a lot. I know how to make the behavior tiny and how to find the right anchor. And I’ve learned to declare victory so I feel positive emotions.

These are the key skills I’m teaching you this week.

Yes, you can learn my method. And I think you’ll find the process fun and fascinating.

Your next step

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