Instinctual Energies – One-to-One

We have three basic instinctual drives (forces that ensure our survival) that are essential for human experience, all three residing in us as necessary body-based primal forces. They are Self-preservation, One-to-one and Social instincts. We tend to have one dominant type and knowing these instinctual patterns can help us live healthier, more balanced lives. In this session Ryan will present the one-to-one/ creative instinct and how to bring more balance to this area. The creative force essentially moves us in the direction of what’s exciting/ stimulating. Its essential to birth anything new in the world. When blocked we can feel over-responsible and not able to go out and ‘play’ so to speak. On the other extreme, we can also waist a lot of energy when we are not tuned in with it. I will be sharing practices and Tiny habit recipe ideas related to the subject.

Taught by Tiny Habits Coach Ryan Klette, Storyteller and somatic coach, MA. Psychology (Wits)

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