Now "Tiny" Clicks into my Routine

Below is what Pat emailed BJ Fogg. . .

Dear BJ,

Yesterday’s session on Tiny Habits was a not-to-be missed session.

The ping-pong ball in a glass challenge was very effective in demonstrating the effectiveness of STRONG positive celebrations!

The reminders of keeping the tiny habits small and the posing of the question “where in your routine
does the tiny habit fit naturally?” were invaluable.

The exercise of on-the-spot implementation was excellent.

I was practicing some habits that required (too much) thinking, that were not tiny enough, and did not fit naturally into my routine.

I have rewritten my recipes and now they click.

BJ, I took your five week course, and consider myself incredibly lucky.

Ihave participated in many of the Coronavirus sessions you have made available given by coaches, and I have always come away with at least a couple of new nuggets of information that I apply to my life.

Iconsider myself incredibly lucky to have participated in tiny habits daily hosted by Stephanie and yourself. You make a great team. You are both very uplifting people.

BJ, you are incredibly good at what you do. I hope I have gotten across how much I appreciate the whole program.

Thank you very much.

Best from a Tiny Habits fan,

Pat H.