Easy to celebrate

Below is what Stephen emailed BJ Fogg. . .

Hi, I'm listening to your ebook and loving it.

Just realised a few things about myself:

- Pushups after peeing is great and all but tricky to work into an office job without doing it out in front of everyone. Doing it against a bench is the key for me! The floor is a long way away but a bench or wall takes almost no effort to start - thank you!

- I realised that pushups are pretty easy to celebrate, because I have just done something that makes me feel good.

- The bonus for me is that finishing the pushups and congratulating myself is in itself the best prompt I have yet found for another habits I want: drinking water! This is one that has always eluded me so I am excited to find something that seems to work.

- Additionally getting prompted and acting on it is in itself a great opportunity for celebration. I got a little rush from finally, easily remembering to do something that I usually forget!

Simple concepts to help understand complex behaviour!


Stephen C.