Start Tiny and Aging Well

Below is what Terry emailed BJ Fogg. . .

I'm writing to share about a habit I started and that has grown.

1) After I start the microwave,

2) I will do the modified squats (that I was taught for older people)

To celebrate: I smile!

That habit has become so automatic.  I have slowly increased the number of squats.

It really is a bright spot in my day.

Tiny Habits has made quite a difference in my life and I will continue to use what opportunities I have to encourage people to try it.



A few months later, Terry wrote again:

I had major surgery on Monday and knew I would be forbidden to do the exercises I have incorporated into my daily routine, at least for a couple of weeks and maybe longer.

I started worrying about stopping and having to start over again, but I remembered that I could go back to “tiny.”

So I have started simulating the three exercises so they’ll stay fresh in my mind and body for when I can go back to doing the full exercises.

This has been a major leap for me in thinking and doing, and I credit your Tiny Habits Method and your book for paving the way.

Thank you from the bottom of my heart!

Terry W.


And a few months later, she wrote again:

The Tiny Habits I’ve learned because of you have made a huge impact on my life: tiny ways that mount up over time. 

I recently discovered I have glaucoma, and I had to put “eye drops” on my calendar daily so I wouldn’t forget to use them.

Well, using your method, I was able to eliminate that, because I was able to create a habit recipe to remind me every evening to use the eye drops.

This may seem minor to some, but it will help save my eyesight, with is huge for me.

Thank you for all I’ve learned.

God bless,
Terry W.