The Most Positive I Have Felt About My Eating Issues in Years

Below is what Vanessa emailed BJ Fogg. . .

Hi! I just wanted to let you know that after listening to the audiobook version of your Tiny Habits book, I implemented a number of tiny habit recipes which really helped me.

When I really sat down and did some magic wanding about improving my eating, I came up with this one habit that has made a huge difference: “After I hang up my workbag, I will state out loud my intention for what I will eat until dinner time.”

So for the last 2 weeks, everytime I hung up my work bag, I have said out loud: "I am not hungry, so I will not eat anything until dinner time.” Or “I am quite hungry, so I will have a slice of toast, and that will be enough until dinner time.” Or “I am a little bit hungry, so I will have an apple and then nothing until dinner time”.

I have found that 80% of the time, I stick to the intention I have stated! My husband thinks it is really weird that I have suddenly started telling him what I am eating (I am not really telling him – I have been saying it when he is not there too) so he just goes “OK then” and goes back to what he was doing when I walked in.

My five year old thinks it is hilarious and has started saying things like “well I am starving so I will have peanut butter toast for dinner” after I say my intention (He does not get peanut butter toast for dinner).

So anyway, I have lost 1.5kg in the last two weeks without changing anything else, because I am not snacking as much between getting home and sitting down to dinner.

Before this, I was massively stuck with my eating and couldn’t figure out where to start. Now I am really excited and planning to pick out a different problem eating time (After lunch chocolate box at work maybe) and do another magic wand session about it next week.

This is the most positive I have felt about my eating issues in years, so thank you. Thank you, thank you!!!!