Songs about Tiny Habits

At Tiny Habits, we want to help young people create good habits quickly and easily. For this purpose we’ve written uplifting songs for kids from 3 to 11 years old.

You can check out a couple song samples below. (These are drafts, but you’ll get the idea.)

We will officially launch our habit song collection on YouTube in August of 2022.

If you'd like notification of our song launch,  please do this:

  1. Visit this YouTube channel: Habit Songs by BJ Fogg
  2. Hit "Subscribe" to get notified about new content.

At the YouTube page you’ll see some preview and placeholder videos right now. But in just a few weeks, new songs and music videos will be live in the channel.


What Participants Say about Tiny Habits


"Tiny Habits gives me hope. The best part is the immediate results in my life —within the first 48 hours!" - Jenna C.

"With Tiny Habits, I feel like anything is possible." -Nikhil

"Incredible—I am doing my habit without even thinking. It became automatic." -MarJean

"Tiny Habits is the only method for change that worked for me." – Josef B.

"Tiny Habits is a roadmap to a better you." - Rob G.

"It really feels like magic." - Ruth G.

"Tiny Habits is the most positive, realistic plan to change habits I've ever seen." - Lee J.


Learning my Tiny Habits method and experiencing success delights people. It opens the door to future success.

Join me to experience this for yourself and for your kids.