Tiny Habits for Screen Time

Use the Tiny Habits Method to reduce screen time

If you are struggling with the amount of time you spend in front of a screen, the Tiny Habits method I created can help.

In this free, five day program, my team and I can help you can gain the skills to change for the better.

Check out the list of Tiny Habits Recipes below to help you get started, right away.

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Recipes for Reducing Screen Time

-After I wake up, I will open my journal (not scroll on my phone). (Mary P.)

-After I sit down on the train, I will get out my crossword puzzle. (Erin T.)

-After I exit the train station, I will zip my phone into my bag (not scroll on my walk). (Sabrina S.)

-After I arrive at my desk, I will plug my phone in. (Stephanie W.)

-After I have the thought to reach for my phone, I will take a deep breath. (Charlie G. )

-After I walk through the front door, I will place my phone on the hall table. (Anna L.)

-After I get settled for a meeting, I will put my phone in my bag. (BJ F.)

-After I set my dinner plate on the table, I will turn my phone face down. (Edith A.)

-After I sit down at my desk I will set my Forest App to 120 minutes. (Katherine H.)

-After I call the kids for dinner, I will place my phone in my bag/in a drawer. (Anna L.)

-After I sit down at the dinner table, I will put my phone on do not disturb. (Christopher G.)

-After I set my briefcase down when getting home from work, I will turn my phone off. (Christopher G.)

-After I pick up the baby to nurse, I will leave my phone in the office. (S.W.)

-After I finish my work, I will close all the open tabs in my browser. (Anna L.)

-After I finish working for the day, I will plug in my laptop in the office. (Stephanie W.)

-After I enter my password, I will set a Pomodoro timer. (Anna L.)

-After I put my keys up when getting home from work, I will go charge my phone in the bedroom. (Christopher G.)

-After I run the bath, I will put my music on and my phone out of reach. (S.W.)

-After the alarm goes off at 10 pm, I will put my phone on airplane mode. (Edith A.)​

-After I read this list, I will add my recipes here: https://bjfogg.typeform.com/to/wryuQM

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