Quick Start Guide 

Tiny Habits® 5-Day Program


I’m delighted that you discovered my 5-Day Program in Tiny Habits. 

During the coming week (Monday thru Friday) you’ll learn the fastest, easiest way to create habits. 

But that’s not all: A Tiny Habits expert will coach you during the week. This happens via email. And it’s all free, with no strings attached. 

The webpage you’re reading now is our “quick start” guide. You can complete the simple steps below in about 9 minutes

After you get started (in 9 minutes or less), you’ll invest about 5 minutes per day, from Monday through Friday. That means your total time commitment for my 5-Day Program is about 35 minutes.

Extra credit → Watch this 3-minute video for an intro to the Tiny Habits method.

(If you prefer in-depth instructions, go here instead: TinyHabits.com/welcome)

Have fun!

-- BJ Fogg

Step 1: Design three habit recipes 

Time for this step: About 6 minutes

In the 5-Day Program you’ll focus on creating three new habits. You get to choose the habits you want. (You’ll practice these habits on Monday thru Friday of the coming week.)

In the Tiny Habits method we use a format called a “recipe” for designing habits into your life. Check out some sample habit recipes below:

  • After I  brush my teeth, I will  floss one tooth.
  • After I  feed the dog, I will  put on my walking shoes
  • After I  start the tea kettle, I will  read one paragraph in a book.

Now it’s your turn to design your own habit recipes.

Below you’ll find four options with resources to help you.

I suggest you start with Option A: Tiny Habits Recipemaker. That’s the simplest and most interactive way to design habit recipes.

Please note → The habit recipes you’ll design right now are starting points.

You’ll likely modify your habit recipes in the days ahead, adapting each to fit you better. Revision is part of the Tiny Habits method. That means you don’t need to have three perfect recipes right now. Just dive in and get started!

Option A: Use the Tiny Habits Recipemaker

  • Select the habit category you want (for example, you can choose productivity, stress, nutrition, and so on).
  • Swipe the cards on the top half to find a new habit you want in your life.
  • Then swipe the cards on the bottom half to find where this new habit can fit into your existing routine.
  • Click the blue button at the very bottom. This takes you to a screen where you will see your habit recipe. (Congrats! You’ve designed a habit recipe.)
  • Do this three times. And write down your three habit recipes. You’ll use these recipes in Step 2 below.

I encourage you to use the Habit Recipemaker (Option A, above). If that option is not sufficient, then check out the options in small print below.

Option B: Choose from 10 Classic Recipes for Tiny Habits

  • Go to this page for a list of 10 popular habit recipes.
  • Pick three habit recipes from this list.
  • Write down your three habit recipes. You’ll use them in Step 2 below.


Option C: Choose from 300 Habit Recipes in Tiny Habits (the book)

  • If you have the book Tiny Habits, go to the back (page 291 in the U.S. version) and find the appendix: Three Hundred Recipes for Tiny Habits. 
  • No book? No problem. Go here to access the 300 recipes
  • Browse through the 15 pages of habit recipes.
  • Pick three habit recipes from this list.
  • Write down your three habit recipes. You’ll use them in Step 2 below.


Option D: Design Habit Recipes from Scratch (the hardest option)

Yes, you can design your habit recipes from scratch. It’s a great skill to learn. But Options A and B are simpler. 

If you want to create habit recipes from scratch, these resources can help you:

After you have designed three habit recipes, please read Step 2.

Step 2: Enter your recipes using your secret link

Time for this step: About 2 minutes

This step is pretty simple. But you need to wait until Saturday to take action.

On Saturday morning (pacific time) you will receive a “Welcome” email from a Tiny Habits Coach. That email will have your secret link. 

  • Read the “Welcome” email from your coach (this arrives on Saturday morning).
  • Click on your “secret link” in that email.
  • Enter the three recipes you designed (Step 1) into the online form. 

After you type in your three recipes, your coach can see the habit recipes you entered. In this way your coach will know what you want to achieve and how to support you better during the 5-Day Program. 

Please complete Step 2 by Sunday at 6 pm (pacific time). That’s the deadline. 

Completing Step 2 on Saturday is better, because it gives your coach more time to guide you before the 5-Day Program officially starts on Monday. 


If you did not receive the Saturday “Welcome” email from a Tiny Habits, please check your spam folder. 

If you still cannot find the “Welcome” email, please reach out to our team here: support@tinyhabits.com


We will help you within 24 hours -- or sooner.

Step 3: Watch for more emails from your coach

Time for this step: About 1 minute

This is the simplest step of all. 

Watch your inbox for more helpful emails from your Tiny Habits Coach. 

Follow the instructions from your coach. Each day during the 5-Day Program you’ll receive an email with new insights and guidance. 

If you have questions, just reply to your coach’s email. Your coach will answer you within 24 hours, often sooner. 



Contact support@tinyhabits.com

We’ll answer you within 24 hours.