Purpose-Driven Celebrations

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A celebration is something you think, say, and/or do to make yourself feel a positive emotion. 

You do your celebration right after your new tiny behavior. The positive emotion generated by your celebration helps wire the new behavior into your brain, making it more automatic. The more automatic, the stronger the habit.

There are many ways to celebrate. You need to find what works for you—what makes YOU feel positive, uplifted, successful, and happy.

One powerful approach to celebrating is what I call purpose-driven celebration.

A purpose-driven celebration is a celebration that brings to mind your deep-seated motivation or enduring aspiration for doing the behavior. 

Maybe you want to be a great partner, parent, or grandparent; be financially stable; be the best in your field of work; live your faith; or be as healthy and well as possible. Tying your celebration to these driving forces is a potent way to generate positive emotions. 

Here are some examples of purpose-driven celebrations.

Amanda has had health issues in the past, and she is now motivated to take better care of herself. Here’s one of her recipes and celebrations:

Amanda PDC

Emanuel wants to get out of debt and be more financially stable. Here’s one of his recipes and celebration:

Emanuel PDC

Josh wants to be a great partner, but he often forgets to open the detergent compartment when moving clothes from the washer to the dryer. This leads to mildew and the need to re-wash loads of clothes, which upsets his wife. Here’s his recipe and celebration:

Josh PDC

Anu wants to have the strength and energy to hold and play with her first grandchild as he grows. Here’s one of her recipes and celebration:


Here are a few more examples of what a purpose-driven celebration might look like:

PDC 3 - 1 of 2
PDC 3 - 2 of 2

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