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I’m delighted to share this news with you:

If you pre-order my book TINY HABITS today, I can give you my Tiny Habits Toolkit immediately.

This exclusive gift is one way to say “thank you.” But it’s also how I can help you create a happier, healthier life, starting today. 

The Tiny Habits Toolkit

I’ve designed my Toolkit to help you create good habits quickly and easily. 

You’ll benefit from --

  • 5 new videos I created to guide you, step by step

  • Quick Start Guide for using Tiny Habits in your life-- so easy to do

  • 60 habits designed for reducing stress, increasing focus, and sleeping better  

  • The Tiny Habits Template for designing new habits

  • My Cheat Sheet for creating habits super fast

You will receive all this (and more) in an instant digital download when you pre-order TINY HABITS.

How will my book help you?

In TINY HABITS I share my best stuff from the last 15 years.

This book is not a summary of old ideas or other people’s research. TINY HABITS is fresh and new. And it’s all my original work.

I explain how human behavior really works. And I give you clear, step-by-step guidance to change habits for a better life. I make clear that you change best by feeling good, not by feeling bad. You’ll find that each chapter shares a breakthrough.

In TINY HABITS I share stories about real people who transformed their lives using my methods.

Tiny Habits book 3D imageA few examples:

-- a working mom who freed herself from a sugar addiction

-- a student who went from flunking out to graduating with honors

-- a middle-aged man who lost weight for good and gained life-changing confidence

-- a dad who mended a broken relationship with his adult son

-- a busy entrepreneur and mom who used my methods to grow and grow her business

I wish I could send you my book TINY HABITS today. But I have to follow the publishing schedule: My book ships in January 2020.

However, I can share the Tiny Habits Toolkit today when you pre-order.

How does pre-ordering work?

For most online orders, you don’t pay for the book until it ships (end of the year).

But wait -- it gets better . . .

In most cases (like with Amazon) when you pre-order, you guarantee yourself the lowest price for my book. For example, if my publisher offers TINY HABITS for 25% discount in November, you will automatically get that lower price when the book ships.

What if you can’t afford it?

If you can’t afford my book, that’s okay. I still want to help you. Just email me and I’ll tell you how to get the Tiny Habits Toolkit without pre-ordering a book.

My purpose in writing TINY HABITS wasn’t to make money. The book is all about helping people become healthier and happier with proven methods that are easy, effective, and uplifting.

Next steps:

1. Order TINY HABITS at any of the links below (or your local bookstore)

Do you live outside the U.S.? Then use this link:

2. Use this form to get the Tiny Habits Toolkit:

Giving Tiny Habits as a gift?

Get a printable certificate and a special message from the author (me!) for your recipient. Go here to access these free gift-giving resources.

In the coming weeks I will add more resources to the Toolkit. People who complete the form (Step #2) will receive my newest resources, week by week, as I create them.


I’m confident my methods will help you, your family, and your colleagues. And that’s why I’ve been looking forward to today when I can finally announce the Tiny Habits Toolkit.



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