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At Tiny Habits, we want to help young people create good habits quickly and easily. For this purpose we’ve written uplifting songs for kids from 3 to 11 years old.

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The Science Behind the Songs

I’ve researched human behavior for over 20 years at Stanford University.

​I've learned that only 3 things will change your behavior in the long term.

Option A:  Have an epiphany
Option B:  Change your environment
Option C:  Take baby steps

Creating an epiphany is difficult. (Kids don't suddenly wake up and care about cleaning their room.) So rule out Option A unless you have magical powers—I don’t.

On the other hand, Option B and Option C are practical. And they can lead to lasting change in your family if you approach change in the right way.

However, few winning programs exist.

So in December of 2011, I created a new way to tap into the power of environment and baby steps.

I called it Tiny Habits®. Over 120,000 people have since joined in (and many more each month).

The results from Tiny Habits are the best I’ve seen in any program.

My method is surprisingly simple, but the impact is big.

BJ Fogg, PhD

BJ Fogg, PhD
Director, Behavior Design Lab

When you learn the Tiny Habits method,
you can change your family's life forever

"Tiny Habits is the only method for change that worked for me." – Josef B.

"Tiny Habits is a roadmap to a better you." - Rob G.

"This is the most helpful self-help book I've ever read. As a performance psychologist, I love this approach." - Sarah H.

"It really feels like magic." - Ruth G.

"Tiny Habits is the most positive, realistic plan to change habits I've ever seen." - Lee J.

"Tiny Habits gives me hope. The best part is the immediate results in my life —within the first 48 hours!" - Jenna C.

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Learn how --> Get Expert Help using the Tiny Habits method: Access free trainings and tools taught by experts I've trained in how to use Tiny Habits.

Join my free (no strings attached) 5-day session of Tiny Habits: Learn how to create and change your daily habits quickly and easily with my free, 5-day program.

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Learn to think clearly about Behavior Change: In my Behavior Design Boot Camp, I train industry professionals to create products and services that influence human behavior for good.

— BJ Fogg, PhD

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