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​My 5-day program in Tiny Habits is simple and effective. And people say it's fun! 🎉

We start a new 5-day session each Monday. Participation is free.

A session looks like this:

  • Before Monday (9 min): Get set up and ready using our step-by-step guide.
  • Monday-Friday (less than 5 min/day): Practice your new daily habits with guidance from a kind and supportive Tiny Habits Coach.

​That's all!

In <5 minutes each day, you will learn how habits work and how to create new ones--skills that will benefit you for life.

During the program, you'll receive daily messages with guidance from a supportive coach (yes, a real person!) as you learn to apply the Tiny Habits method.

What you learn will help you create habits to be healthier, happier, and more productive.


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— BJ Fogg, PhD

Learning my Tiny Habits method and experiencing success delights people. It opens the door to future success.

Join now to experience this for yourself or keep reading to hear successes people share about after trying the free program.

 What Participants Say about Tiny Habits


"Tiny Habits gives me hope. The best part is the immediate results in my life —within the first 48 hours!" - Jenna C.

"With Tiny Habits, I feel like anything is possible." -Nikhil

"Incredible—I am doing my habit without even thinking. It became automatic." -MarJean

"Tiny Habits is the only method for change that worked for me." – Josef B.

"Tiny Habits is a roadmap to a better you." - Rob G.

"It really feels like magic." - Ruth G.

"Tiny Habits is the most positive, realistic plan to change habits I've ever seen." - Lee J.

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​"The 5-day course has been life changing! I have shared with colleagues and friends. I appreciate all the coaches so very much!" - Krista S.

​"I get easily distracted and need to work hard at a schedule. This program helps to make the task small to accomplish and doable. Success breeds success so I don't have to beat myself up, but I can relish in the small change." - Carole K.

​"Just wanted to say thank you for sharing your work & helping so many people including myself. I will rethink the way I do things because of Tiny Habits." - Kerry F.

"I found this process eye opening and extremely transformative for my life." - Geeta

"Wasn't on my list, but (after the 5-day program) I started working on a project I have put off for a year. Wow!" - Nancy

​"Life changing book. Begin your transformation with baby steps of behavior change. BJ Fogg provides excellent models for you to execute in your daily life. If you embrace these models you will understand your behavior and more importantly understand how to change your habits. This is a roadmap to a better you." -Rob G.

​"This is the most helpful "self-help" book I've ever read. As a performance psychologist, I loved learning about this approach." - Sarah H.

"Aloha! I am reading your book, Tiny Habits, and simply put: thank you. I have been searching for hope for a long, long time and this book gives me it. The best part is there are immediate results in my life —within the first 48 hours of reading it!" -Jenna M.

"I love the Maui habit. So easy and great. I even flop back on my bed so I can do it again and again. Celebration is key. Love it."  John

"I think Tiny Habits is the best thing that has happened to me and will help me make amazing changes to my life." - U.S.

"I’ve read a number of other books about habit formation and none tied habits with celebrations. For me I believe this is key, I am looking forward to doing my habits so I can celebrate a small win…" - Deborah D.

"I started out thinking I shouldn’t be too hopeful that it would “ work” for me, I didn’t think I could do it. But I CAN!! It really feels like magic." - Ruth G.

​"After I finished the book I went straight to my 17 year old daughter and told her that this is the most empowering book I have ever read. I taught my two daughters the Fogg Behavior Model. I don’t think they understand it completely, but I want them to see how it affects my life." -Mark

​"I sincerely doubted the efficacy of doing these 'trivial' things, but now I see their power. This is something that I can see myself using for the rest of my life." - Nolan L.

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Questions Others Asked Before Joining the Program

 What Participants Say about Tiny Habits cont.

"I want to thank you for the Tiny Habits book and the 10-week Tiny Habits course. I have been looking for a way to change my behavior and habits for the last 15 years. I have bought many books and audiobooks and courses, I tried many things and they all failed, so it was a painful process that caused me a lot of suffering. Tiny Habits is the only method for change that worked for me. I currently practice 30 tiny habits, I celebrate every habit and every small success that I have, I feel better and my life is getting better." -Josef

"I am 23 and I suffered alot trying to keep up with my habits and procrastination but your approach is the best. You rightly said we change best when we feel good your ways to feel shine is spot on 🙂 and you rock. Thank you for making me have my life back i started today and I don't feel like I have mountain to move." -Nidhi

"I'm glad that I took this challenge and I love it. Thank you for offering it to the public." - Natalya

"I feel like my life is about to change. I’m a little bit scared because all I know is failure and disappointment (myself and other people.) This is honestly the first book that I have read, and there are a hundred (half read), that has sparked an interest and also made me think “hey, I can actually do this!” I thank you from the bottom of my heart, Dr Fogg. This is it. This is the book that will change my life." - DS

"This method is easy, awesome and impactful." - Supakom N.

"For over 20+ years I’ve listened to all kinds of personal development books (self-help) and parenting books, your book and research are simply put the best ever - resonated with me in such an impactful way. - Piper

"I so appreciate the positivity and specificity of this approach, AND it gets past so many emotional barriers." - Anna

"Thanks for making the content, tools, & coach available for free. Overall, this collection of items is approaching the value of some of the competitive paid offerings in the human performance industry." Eric W.

"I did not believe at the beginning that I would really have access to a coach and practical and helpful videos for free. This built credibility into your offering and has encouraged me to take the next step of buying the book." -Ruben C.

"Thank you for liberating me from so much negativity." -Kristine S.

"Tiny Habits are THE way for overwhelmed and exhausted people to finally have success and feel successful!" -Lisa C.

"I really appreciate science-based work and I feel confident that I can make habits that best support my life and life work with the use of Tiny Habits. Thanks!" -Rebecca N.

"I love simplicity of Tiny Habits and the huge impact it has made on my self-esteem and energy levels." Amanda S.

"Your work has helped me develop my daily meditation practice (to over an hour a day consistently), adhere to a ketogenic diet, a daily journaling habit, a daily coding practice, and much more, literally. Basically every area of my life has been impacted by you." -D.T.

"The "celebration" was an absolute key which I had been missing. Simply brilliant! Excellent work BJ. I highly recommend your work!" Eric

"Tiny Habits: It seems like it’s easy, and quick to go over in the book, but honestly every chapter is making my brain shift seismically. It’s as if I’ve been looking at the moon through a telescope all my life, and you come, take it out of my hands and turn it around, and tell me I’ve been looking at it the wrong way ‘round all this time. So simple, but so revolutionary." -Joan

"Thank you for introducing me to this method. I've been going through a rough patch in life, and Tiny Habits has helped me recreate habits that I had drifted away from." -LJ

"This has been a positive week for me after years of attempting to make changes and not often following through...the fact they are tiny and require no motivation makes me believe they will be lasting." Marc W.

"I’m an old lady and I’m so in love with your book! I have the kindle version and it has really helped me. Finally I am able to accomplish a lot in spite of being slow and decrepit!." -Kit

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"For the first time in my life, I'm working out and feeling Shine. I haven't missed a day. I owe it to you." -A.B.

"Thank you for giving me the tools to start some great changes in my life. You mentioned a lady who said she “trash talked” herself and that resonates with me. Since starting your 5-Day Course online, I have already noticed some fabulous changes in my emotional, mental, and physical self. I am truly starting to see myself as the sort of person who *can*.... And that feels brilliant!" -R.G.

"I know I will benefit from this book for the rest of my life."  -K.S.

"I was traveling to Mayo Clinic for my husband’s serious health condition and then near the end of the five days, I got Covid but even under those conditions I still did my habits. I share this to affirm how successful your program is. Thank you!" Julia O.

"Tiny Habits truly impacted my life by increasing my overall confidence and daily productivity."  -L.F.

"Game changing - I have always been 'all or nothing' and all that’s got me is... nothing!" - P.M.

“It has often been hard for me to build new habits and be consistent about them. That made me feel bad about myself. Tiny Habits is effective and easy." -Anonymous

"This was just the encouragement I needed." -S.L.

"Overall, I am more positive, less argumentative. Less stressed. " -Sheila

"This program resonates with me in such a profound way. I feel more confident and capable because of the tiny successes I created over the week." - Jean B.

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"I just used your Swarm of B’s Technique with someone and it was amazingly simple and powerful. Thank you for putting in the effort to create your book on Tiny Habits. Your presentation of the subject is very clear, clean and concise. I have been able to take what you have presented and implement it in just 2 days of reading your content." -J.P., Jr

"I pre-ordered your book as soon as I heard it was coming. I'm a fan and have even tried a 5 day challenge and some other things you offered. I had a lot of hope that the book would dial things in for me and I haven't been disappointed. I've had the book for 3 days and am nearly finished with it. (I've already started the Maui Habit with fairly startling results.)" - Annie C.

"I've almost finished your book. It’s the best habit book so far." -Alan

"In one week I saw a significant impact in my personal and professional life with Tiny Habits." -Adam O.

"In a matter of one day from reading just the intro of your book, I have made changes. I am a methodical person who likes PLANS and I believe your scientific methodology is very helpful for me. I am feeling so hopeful in one day. Taking the book in tiny chunks because I want to absorb it. Thank you for your book and thank you to Costco for having it right out in front for me to find!" -Leanne M.

"Game changer. Fantastic and actionable way to get started on designing great habits for life. Specifically, goals and habits feel like a possibility rather than dream."  John

"It really is a paradigm-changing method. I'm using it regularly and it works!"  Trisha T.

"In addition to streamlining my efforts to be healthy, happy & much more productive, I see a golden opportunity to finally manage my faulty bipolar filter...I’m almost certain the “Celebrate” component is the piece I’ve been missing in past efforts." Mary C.

"It's impossible to quantify. The methodology is so easy and I believe the ripples will go far…" - Cathy S.

"I feel very successful this week with my habits and it makes me believe that I can do those things that I thought I couldn't, so I'm feeling very hopeful for the future." - Insiyah

"Tiny Habits has changed my life in many ways including my confidence because I can honestly say that "I think I can..." Who knew something so "tiny" could have such a profound effect on my life." -Rouchelle C.

"The system works! It has helped me accomplish something that I have never been able to accomplish through other goal-setting methods." -Kathryn I.

"I have some big stuff to tackle this year, so having a foundation of smaller habits will change my vision of myself and propel me further. Bless you for this book and for what you do." - Lidija

"Tiny Habits has helped me carve out a little bit of time for myself and start putting order back in my life. Just reading your book at night gives me some peace." - Heather V.

"I am changing habits a tiny bit at a time ! Makes a huge difference . ." -Mano

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"Help me slowly gain confidence that this habit will stick because it's such a small effort to do it makes it possible to do."- Amy

"Tiny Habits can enable me to make changes without the negative self talk and judgement if I miss a session or feel a lack of motivation." - Brad

"It can have and DID have a huge impact because it cleared away all of the clutter around how to form habits. I now see that I have to focus on just a few key variables rather than relying on willpower, discipline, and amorphous approaches." - Candace P.

"[Tiny Habits can] Teach you a whole different way of thinking about change which is much more in one's own sphere of control and much easier than thought possible before learning the method." - Christina B.


Learning my Tiny Habits method and experiencing success delights people. It opens the door to future success.

Join me to experience this for yourself.

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