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I want to thank these coaches for their help: Joshua Bornstein, Kristiana Burke, Mike Coulter, Judhajit “JD” De, Linda Fogg-Phillips, Charlie Garland, Jonny Goldstein, Kate Hand, Katherine Hickman, Manjula Higginbotham, Joshua Hollingsworth, Jason Koprowski, Shelley Lloyd-Hankinson, Martin Mark, Ruby Menon, Shirley Rivera, Christine Silvestri, Dave Spencer, Deb Teplow, Erwin Valencia, Stephanie Weldy, Michelle Winders, and Misako Yok.

  1. After I brush my teeth, I will floss one tooth.

  2. After I open the fridge, I will touch the healthiest thing I could eat in that moment.

  3. After I return to my desk from using the toilet, I will clear one item from my desk.

  4. After I press the “Brew” button on my coffee maker, I will set out my vitamins for later in the day.

  5. After I put my dinner plate in the dishwasher, I will text a friend and let them know I am thinking of them.

  6. After I sit down on my couch at night, I will think of one thing that went well that day.

  7. After I see my spouse for the first time after work, I will give her a hug or kiss.

  8. After I put on my CPAP mask, I will think of three things I’m grateful for.

  9. After I hear a plane pass overhead, I will be in the moment and feel happy to stand on planet earth.

  10. After I set up the coffee machine at night, I will put a piece of fruit next to it.

  11. After I hang up a phone call, I will stretch my legs.

  12. After I finish an alcoholic beverage, I will prepare a glass of water.

  13. After I see my partner take out the garbage, I will say “Thanks for taking out the garbage. I’m really glad you do it!”

  14. After I get on an escalator, I will take three steps (not just stand there).

  15. After I turn off the bedside light, I will tell my partner I love them.

  16. After I enter the grocery line, I will practice standing on one leg.

  17. After I feel panicked with how much cleaning there is to do, I will put on a favorite song and clean for the length of the song.

  18. After I leave the bathroom, I will take the water bottle to the kitchen.

  19. After I get into my bus at end of the work day, I will set my "get ready for bed" alarm.

  20. After I put the kids to bed, I will open my journal.

  21. After I grab my mobile for the first time in the morning, I will text my mom a good morning message.

  22. After I get on my unicycle, I will position the left pedal at 12 o’clock.

  23. After I run out of something, I will add it to the shopping list.

  24. After I shutdown my computer, I will organize one thing on my desk.

  25. After I walk into a mom-and-pop retail store, I will give the owners a sincere compliment.

  26. After I put the baby down for tummy time, I will do a 10 second plank.

  27. After I see a school sign or school bus, I will initiate my “super careful” driving mode.

  28. After I see a co-worker for the first time in the morning, I will say "Good morning" with eye contact.

  29. After I finish meditating in the late afternoon, I will roll out my yoga mat.

  30. After I finish my meal, I will put my dish away immediately (no seconds!)

  31. After I start the car engine, I will press play on my podcast player.

  32. After I step into the shower, I will take 3 deep breaths.

  33. After I finish dinner, I will put my phone on the charger in my home office.

  34. After I turn off my computer, I will write down one to-do item for the next day.

  35. After I drop off my mom at her home, I will hug my mom.

  36. After I brush my teeth, I will organize one item in my bedroom.

  37. After I hang up my dog's leash, I will hang up my house keys.

  38. After I finish my afternoon snack, I will walk outside to my garden.

  39. After I my feet touch the floor in the morning, I will pull up the cover on my bed.

  40. After I put my key in the ignition, I will think of someone I am grateful for.

  41. After I get out of bed, I will stretch while taking 3 deep breaths

  42. After I open my laptop, I will write down my most important goal of the day on the post it on my keyboard.

  43. After I sit in my office chair, I will take one deep breath.

  44. After I finish a magazine, I will hand it to a stranger and say, "I have a feeling you need this."

  45. After I hear my kids say something mean about another person, I will ask them to think of one good thing about that person.

  46. After I put shampoo in my hair, I will rub my scalp three times.

  47. After I first stand in front of the hazardous materials storage tank, I will walk to the emergency shower station.

  48. After I open my laptop in the morning, I will open my YNAB budgeting software in a new tab.

  49. After I pick up my phone from my dresser, I will write down the number of hours that I slept.

  50. After I boot up my computer on Monday, I will log into the online course.

  51. After I turn on the car, I will plug my phone into the charger.

  52. After I see another driver acting courteously, I will give that driving a “thumbs up”

  53. After I update my planner, I will grab a notecard.

  54. After I put my feet on the floor in the morning, I will say to myself “It's going to be a great day."

  55. After I wash my face at night, I will clean one thing in the bathroom.

  56. After I walk into the kitchen the first time in the morning, I will squeeze a fresh lemon into a cup of warm water to drink.

  57. After I sit down for class with my laptop, I will turn off wifi.

  58. After I close the garage door, I will grab 3 bottles of water.

  59. After I clock in at work, I will review over my to do list.

  60. After I use the bathroom, I will do one wall pushup.

  61. After I we get home from shopping, I will say to my partner “Thanks for keeping me company!”

  62. After I turn on my laptop, I will open my blog.

  63. After I finish my food/put my cutlery down for the last time, I will take my plate into the kitchen.

  64. After I sit down on my couch at night, I will open my contacts list on my phone.

  65. After I sit down at my work desk, I will do 1 kegel exercise.

  66. After I turn on the kettle, I will do two squats.

  67. After I start the laundry, I will put the basket on the stairs.

  68. After I finish my morning coffee, I will put out my Yoga mat.

  69. After I wake up in the middle of the night to use the restroom, I will focus my thoughts only on my breath.

  70. After I go into the kitchen for the first time in the morning, I will prepare a glass of lemon water.

  71. After I enter the front door at work, I will think of one thing I like about work.

  72. After I am shutting down the computer, I will write down one thing that went good today.

  73. After I take the leash off the dog after our morning walk, I will fill a glass of water.

  74. After I put the baby in the crib, I will check to make sure there are no blankets in the crib.

  75. After I feel the first hint of being full, I will drink a bunch of water and pause eating for a minute.

  76. After I drink my first sip of coffee, I will read one sentence of a book.

  77. After I fold one shirt, I will do one squat.

  78. After I see myself in the mirror, I will smile to myself.

  79. After I see my stretch timer comes on my phone, I will stretch one hip flexor.

  80. After I step off my scale, I will do 2 squats.

  81. After I wash my hands from peeing, I will stretch my arms above my head.

  82. After I witness an altercation between my kids, I will calmly ask each of them to consult their wheel of choices to resolve the issue peacefully.

  83. After I purchase a new item, I will place one item in the donation pile.

  84. After I order at a restaurant, I will ask the server to put half the entre into a "to go" box.

  85. After I get up from finishing a meal, I will wash and put away 1 dish.

  86. After I go to the bathroom in the office, I will do a neck stretch.

  87. After I walk into the kitchen first thing in the morning, I will drink a sip of water.

  88. After I wake up, I will do a few ankle rolls.

  89. After I finish a training session, I will ask participants to rate its value to them on a scale of 1-10.

  90. After I my meal arrives at a restaurant, I will put half in a to go container.

  91. After I find myself using social media at work, I will take a deep breath and set a Pomodoro timer.

  92. After I take my PM vitamins, I will strum my Ukulele.

  93. After I enter a meeting room, I will pull my shoulders back.

  94. After I turn off the shower, I will squeegee down the wet tiles.

  95. After I am about to say goodbye to them, I will Tell them “Hey, I really enjoyed our chat today!”

  96. After I finish using my iPad, I will put my stylus back into my pencil case

  97. After I approach the elevator bank, I will say to myself, "Why not take the stairs?"

  98. After I experience shared laughter during a conversation, I will mirror the other person's physical gestures.

  99. After I start sulking at something my wife said, I will think of one thing I love about her.

  100. After I put away my work backpack, I will put on my walking shoes.

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