Bloggers get personal with my Tiny Habits program

Read from bloggers who share their personal experiences with Tiny Habits earlier this year. You can find newer pieces online by searching “3 Tiny Habits.”

Blog post by Harriet Wakelam: “The experience is powerful, motivating and exciting....made me feel like superwoman.”

Blog post by Gretchen Lindquist: “I am feeling very confident in my new ability to build new, good habits quickly and easily.”

Blog post from Liz Guthridge: “. . . these habits have stuck and are now part of my daily routine”

Blog post from Steph Habif: “simple and effective. . . . I feel way more empowered.”

Blog post from Margaret Lukens: “. . . enlisting new habits can be a great benefit for productivity

Blog post from Brian Sun: “The idea behind tiny habits is training automaticity.”

Blog post from Edward Vielmetti: “The practice of tiny habits is radically different from the typical New Year's Resolution”

Blog post from Michaela Stephens “The beauty of starting a tiny habit is that it is also painless.”

Blog post from Greg Meyer: “a way of training yourself to take small steps that will build into specific behaviors”

Blog post by David Davies: “with motivation running high this week other habits might also form”

Blog post from Lauri Callister:It’s working. . . in just a few days it becomes pretty automatic.”

Blog post from Modern Mrs. Darcy: “It’s working:  I’ve been doing my 3 tiny habits successfully for a month, and I think I’m nearly ready to tackle 3 more”

Jesse Meachem from YNAB shares his experience in audio

Tiny Habits in the News

A few weeks ago, Lauren Somner from KQED (Health & Science) came to my home to talk about Tiny Habits. She then talked with people who created tiny habits with me last month.

You can read or listen to Lauren’s piece. I suggest you listen. It’s more fun.

Just click the triangle to play.

You can also read this on the science section of KQED.